Could I get color, and black and white photos?
Yes, we shoot all photos in color and digital so they could be converted easily to black and white if you choose so.

What are the reasons for needing a second photographer?
There are many reasons to choose two photographers such as:

• While the 1st photographer is with the bride and bridesmaids, the 2nd photographer could be with the groom and groomsmen.
• While the 1st photographer is shooting the formal & family photos, the 2nd photographer could go to the banquet hall and shoot the table setting, guest cards, and cake.
• Two photographers will shoot more photos, for more memories.

How does deposit and payment work?
We take a $200.00 deposit to secure the date, and the balance is due before or by the day of your event. You may make payments on the balance in advance or pay your balance all at once. We accept checks up until 10 days before your event; once within the 10 day period we only accept cash.

Should I provide a shot list?
The short answer is no and here is why... If the photographer is spending 40% of their time looking at a list you will end up with far less photos. Also many important photo typiclly are not put on the list by the client and there for missed. When following a list, photos take almost twice as long becuse there is no order.

What should I take into consideration when choosing a venue?
Avoid small rooms, low celings, rooms with columns or pillers in or near the center, dark wood cellinges or walls, high gloss or shiny walls. Rooms painted mauv, yellow, light orange off white or any skin tone colors. Rooms with extremely tungston (yellow) lights and light fixtures.